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Are you a business owner who
cares about your employees,
wants to build a winning
culture, and is driven to
dramatically boost your
bottom-line results?

If your answer is YES, then
it’s time to read Brad Hams’
best-selling Ownership
, a guide to
eradicating cultures of
entitlement and engaging
employees by teaching
them to think and act like
business owners.

Brad Hams: Ownership Thinking


Brad Hams


Ownership Thinking Canada

Engaging employees to think, act and work like owners

Brad Hams' Ownership Thinking™

How business owners can maximize employee engagement to unleash their company's full financial potential

For growth-focused CEOs, it's time to embrace Ownership Thinking™ - the proprietary culture-building system developed by world-renowned management consultant and best-selling author the late Brad Hams. By introducing and helping implement Ownership Thinking™ concepts, the company Brad founded helps engagement-focused business owners embrace the opportunities that emerge when employees become actively involved in driving the success of their business. Specifically, it gives business owners the tools to create a culture of engagement, while providing employees with opportunities to form a clear association between the work they do and the financial performance of their company.

Ownership Thinking™ has helped more than 1,000 companies engage their employees using his practical, easily implemented and quantifiable methods over the past 15 years.

2020 Canadian Employee Ownership Conference     |     June 1 -3   |    Regina, SK
More information at esopconference.ca

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